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Coffee & Tea


If you're a member of our Coffee Club, buy your coffee NOW in order to get your free pound before we close!

Coffee Club
No obligation and no card to keep up with.
We'll record your purchases and when you reach ten pounds of our delicious coffee (whole bean or ground), you'll receive the 11th pound absolutely FREE!
*Must buy 10 pounds within a year.

Coffees We Carry


Almond Amaretto
Black Forest
Breakfast Blend
Caramel Kiss
Chocolate Éclair
Chocolate Raspberry
100% Colombian
Costa Rican
Cupid's Kiss
Dark French Roast
Frangelico Crème
Free Trade Organic Nicaraguan
Free Trade Organic Sierra Madre
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Highlander Grogg
Holiday Cheer (seasonal)
Italian Roast
Kona Blend
New Orleans Blend
Orange Seville
Pumpkin Pie Spice (seasonal)
Southern Pecan
Swiss Chocolate Orange
White Russian
Breakfast Blend
Black Forest
Caramel Kiss
Dark French Roast
Frangelico Crème
Italian Roast
New Orleans Blend
Swiss Chocolate Orange
White Russian

Did you know?
We are now carrying
Loose-Leaf Teas!
Our selection includes a variety of Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal and Decaffeinated Teas.  It is, without a doubt, the most extensive collection in our area, and yes, they're all delicious! 
Let us introduce you to the world of tea.

We also have a great selection of tea pots (glass, ceramic and cast iron), infusers, kettles
and mugs! 

Arabica vs. Robusta

The world of coffee is complex and detailed.  There are two basic types of coffee beans (1) Arabica, and (2) Robusta.  Specialty stores such as ours will always carry the arabica beans.  These beans receive special care and attention throughout their cultivation and growing process.  The arabica beans are more delicate in flavor and sell at higher prices because of their quality and limited availability (one arabica tree will produce only one pound of coffee!)  Harvesting high-grade arabica coffees is also very labor intensive.  The arabica tree usually grows at high altitudes and is susceptible to disease, frost, and drought.  It requires the right combination of sun, shade, and moisure to survive.  All of these factors contribute to the quality and price.

Caring for Coffee

Coffee should always be stored in an airtight, sealed container.  Refrigeration is recommended but may not be necessary if the coffee is consumed within a week or two.  Refrigeration will not prevent the coffee from becoming stale, but it will slow down the process.  If you choose to freeze your coffee beans, make sure the package is tightly wrapped and is airtight.  Freeze in small containers because every time you open a large package, moisture enters it.  The build-up of moisture and oxygen causes coffee to become stale.


Coffees that you find in specialty and gourmet shops tend to be roasted darker than commercial, brand-name coffees.  Roasting is the method by which the green coffee beans are heated to a temperature that brings out their best flavor qualities.  Roasting each coffee to its peak shade and flavor is truly an art.  Our coffees are roasted just for us at the time we place our monthly order so they arrive extremely fresh.  They are stored in mylar bags from which the air has been removed.   

American Roast:
Even, chestnut brown color
Full City Roast:
Dark brown color but with no traces of oil on the beans' surface

Vienna Roast:
Dark brown color with a small amount of oil on the surface

French Roast:
Very dark brown color with a large amount of oil on the surface (good for Espresso)
Italian Roast:
Almost black with large amount of oil on the surface (excellent for Espresso)